Open: 10:30am to 8pm Monday to Friday. 10:30am to 8pm Saturday & Sunday.
Our location: 188 High Street, Barnet, London, EN5 5SZ
Our hours do vary, please call ahead and book in advance. Please check our Homepage for details of studio closures, as we do sometimes close for private parties.
Please note, we reserve the right to close the studio early if there are no painters.


Had a party for my daughter here this morning, it was very well organised, they did a good spread for lunch, the whole party was excellent value for money and all the girls had a lovely time, thank you

Rachel Natoff Craig

Had My Daughters 6th Birthday Party last Saturday and was by far The Best Party We Have Done, the staff are AMAZING so welcoming and friendly,the kids enjoyed it so much and was made to feel so comfortable we didn’t want the party to end !! Would Highly Recommend going to anyone either as a Party of A Saturday morning Coffee and Paint !!

Natalie Light

A highly recommended place to go if you want to be relaxed, calm and enjoy your children become creative. The staff here are outstanding and I must say a very big thank you to the owners who make me and many others fell loved, welcome and valued to their location.

My children are a handful and I must admit that they can be naughty at times. The staff here do not seem to be concerned about this as they let the children open their minds to do more and have fun. I find this to be a blessing, as I do not need to be constantly saying sorry.

My son is also disabled and has adhd, a condition that make him hyper and very naughty at times. The owner herself has no issues with this and welcomes him every time making him feel the same as others. This is the best Christmas present to the us parents as he feels so happy whilst here.

I will continue to come here and would say it will best choice you will ever make for you and your children. An excellent place to relax, to be creative at all ages and superb tea. It has the big green tick for me, just look at the photos I placed on here and you will see for your self.

Mark Banks