Creativity Crazy is the perfect place for your next creative adventure.  In the studio, you can pick from a number of creative activities and they come in all shapes and sizes.  There is something for all ages from toddlers to grandparents, so whether you are looking for something fun to keep your child entertained or something a little more serious for you, then we have got it covered!

Pottery Painting with Acrylic Paints 

Acrylic paints do not need to be fired in the kiln; therefore you are able to take away your creation on the day. If you wish, you can glaze your work with our special glaze to make it nice and shiny. We have lots of items available to decorate from small to large. Please note that these items are for decorative use only and acrylic paints are not suitable for plates and mugs etc.

Pottery Painting with Underglaze Paints

These items are painted with underglaze paints and once you have finished creating your masterpiece it will need to be fired in our kiln to ensure that the beautiful painted colours come through. Your item will remain with us for around 10 days, depending on how busy we are at the studio.

Paper Mache and Wood Shapes Painting/Decorating

We have a large selection of paper mache and wooden items which you can paint or decorate, such as treasure chests, jewellery boxes, picture frames, mirrors, animals, boxes and much more. You can paint these with our acrylic paints and/or decorate them with jewels, glitter, sequins, stickers e.t.c. You are able to take your item home on the day.

Foam Clay

Foam Clay is a non messy air hardening clay which comes in amazingly bright colours. It can be used on wood, ceramics and terracotta. It can be rolled, squeezed, flattened and mixed and is great fun to work with. Your Foam Clay creation will be ready to take home with you on the day and will go hard within 1 day.

Pearl Clay

Pearl Clay is a non messy self hardening clay containing pearlescent beads which is ideal for covering and modelling around ceramic and terracotta items. It can be rolled, squeezed, flattened and mixed and is great fun to work with. Your Pearl Clay creation will be ready to take home with you on the day and will go hard within 1 day.

You can transform almost any shape – pottery, wood and paper mache into something pretty using Decopatch. You use specialist beautifully patterned decopatch tissue paper and glue to stick the paper to your chosen item and to transform it into something magical. Your Decopatch creation can be taken home with you on the day.

Canvas Painting

Budding Van Goghs and Da Vincis will enjoy painting their own masterpiece onto our stretched canvases. You can choose from a blank canvas where you can draw your design or a canvas pre-printed with a design on it. These can be painted with acrylic paints and taken home with you on the day.

Make A Bear

Make your own cuddly toy at our studio using our no-sew bear kits. Our bear kits include: bear skin, stuffing, wish star, bear T Shirt to decorate and birth certificate.

Fabric Painting

Choose from a range of textiles to customise with either our fabric paints or pens. We offer bags, pencil cases, aprons, hats, t-towels and t-shirts. These can all be taken away with you on the day.


We have lots of designs to choose from including cupcakes, cars, fairies, fish, giraffe, monkey, ladybird, mermaids, rockets, football boots and more. These are mosaic tiles, placed on sturdy wooden shapes. They are suitable for all ages and dry to take away with you on the day. You can also purchase the mosaic tiles separately and mosaic any of our items in the studio.

Glass Decorating

Choose from a beautiful hanging decoration or a glass plate in a wooden holder. We also offer a range of sun catcher decorations which are perfect for younger children as these are made of plastic glass. All of these items can be decorated with our special pens and taken away with you on the day.

* Please note that Jewels, Glitter, Sequins, Pom Poms, Stickers, Wiggle Eyes and Foam Clay are optional extras.